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Kampala Film School


  • Advocacy Film TWAWEZA

    Advocacy film for TWAWEZA:

    Small Axe believes film can be a powerful tool for social change and advocacy, like in this film that raises important questions regarding primary education in East Africa. TWAWEZA asked Small Axe to document the life of primary school children in a 20min film, and use the short documentary to illustrate their findings and create awareness amongst policy makers. Follow the life of Gerald and Lillian, from sunrise to bedtime.
  • Reader Story

    Reader Story

    “Reader Story” is a part of a series of 20 training videos made for the Northern Uganda Literacy Program. For this series we used a mix of presenter with green screen, classroom action, teacher interviews and info graphics. In the following we look at the “reading component” of the Lango Literacy Model, as the presenter takes us into classroom action and teachers are interviewed to expand on best practices. The videos have successfully empowered teachers to teach without any further instructions, allowing for the model to scale up in a very cost effective manner.
  • Buy USA Viral Video

    Buy USA goes viral: 350,000 views! wanted to drastically increase traffic to their website while at the same time provide potential clients with a full explanation on the service they offer. We called on our most skilled motion graphic designers, and together with our script writer they came up with this informative and entertaining explainer video. The result: 350,000 views on YouTube with an extremely high conversion rate!
  • Music Video


    Making a music video feels like a holliday, spending time with great musicians and feeling free to create strong visuals to support music we love while testing new motion graphics, what else could we ask for? Chekc out our latest music video for one of Uganda's most promising young talents: Blessed Son's “Don't you delay”, listen in and feel the good vibes.
  • Grameen Recruits News

    Grameen Recruits:

    Grameen recruits new personnel with an entertaining yet informative film How to use video to motivate and inform your staff? Through groundbreaking use of smartphone technology, the Grameen Foundation relies on more than 1000 Community Knowledge Workers to reach out to remote communities in rural Uganda. In order to recruit and inspire more people to join the program, they asked us to tell the story of the Applab project. When the project got selected at the Global Mobile Phone Conference in Barcelona, they asked Small Axe to make a 5' presentation film to showcase the impact it has had on people's livelihoods.
  • Dance For Children Fundraiser

    Dance for Children – 1' teaser for fundraiser event

    This 1' teaser video was made by chance, when all the kids from the slums of Masese saw our cameras they couldn't resist dancing in front of the camera, and we ended up with a cute short video that helped promote a dance fundraiser in Belgium held by Dance4Children.
  • Participatory Filmmaking


    A new way to create awareness, away from the usual “institutional style” format. As much as we love making films, making films with other people is always an enjoyable challenge. We just returned from Arua, where we worked with a group of people with disabilities who wrote their own scripts and acted in all the films, an inspiring and humbling experience we will never forget. The final result is a 5 episode series called “Arua Boyz”, intended to create awareness and behavioral change in the community towards people with disabilities in Uganda.
  • Hope TV News

    Hope TV – A tv show made by young people

    Hope TV was one of our most memorable projects last year. We were invited to hold a film/tv workshop at a 5 day art camp, organized by Partners for Youth Empowerment and InMovement: Art for Social Change. The participants came up with the name HOPE TV, and were given specific tasks ranging from journalist, producer, anchorman, camera and sound technician. Our team then edited the work within the day and at night the show was up for all to see. It was the first time the art camp included a film workshop and it proved to be a great experience, for us, the students and the audience alike.
  • Baba Ji Spuer Star Film

    Baba Ji – Super Star

    Our very first feature length documentary! While in India, we spent three months in Haridwar, at the time of the Kumbh Mela Festival. The Kumbh Mela is the greatest spiritual gathering on earth, attended by over 50 million pilgrims and over a million of India's holy men, including ascetic monks that only leave their remote retreats during this auspicious time. The film tells the story of these holy men and their daily miracles, and the result was a kaleidoscopic film, an Indian medley of ideas, emotions, colors, rituals and beliefs.