Small Axe Film and Communication

Small Axe is a multimedia film production and communication agency currently based in Uganda but working internationally. Our team has extensive experience in designing communication strategies for organizations by giving them adequate tools to implement their vision. The type of films we make is very diverse, ranging from feature documentaries, filmmaking workshops and training videos, to advertisement and music videos. We deliver a clear creative vision from concept through to completion, ensuring that your message is not lost in translation.

Small Axe is divided into three parts:

Small Axe Communication

More than video production, our team prides itself on its ability to create tailor made communication tools that resonate with your audience and translate into tangible impact. Through our work with international organizations, we’ve developed innovative video solutions such as video assessment tools, training videos, internal video documentation and capacity building films, in fields ranging from education and culture to conflict resolution and humanitarian relief projects.

Small Axe Creative Lab

Whenever we are not making films for others, we make them for ourselves, because that’s what we love to do. From animation to documentaries, feature films and small experiments, this is the time when we let our creative juices flow freely and have fun, while at the same time experiment with new forms of storytelling.

Small Axe for Good

Everybody deserves a good film! That is the reason why we offer free video production services to projects and individuals whose vision of social change resonates with our own values.From music videos for upcoming musicians to fundraising tools for small NGOs, Small Axe for Good is aimed at making professional films available to all. We also offer a mentor-ship program for aspiring filmmakers. Feel free to contact us even if you don’t have a shilling to spend.