Synopsis :

Moses faces a hard time when he is introduced to is future father in law.

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Concept :

Short positive inspiring fiction films created by people with disabilities based on their own experience. Opening graphics and closing with short interviews. Recorded in Lugbara and in English. Films were asked to avoid an institutional style and include an element of surprise to catch the attention of the viewer.

Arua Boyz: Difficult Introduction

Year: 2013
Country: Uganda
Length: 6’59’’
Language: English, Lugbara
Screening Format: HD
Aspect ratio: 16:9

participatory films, disability, community sensitization

Purpose :

To empower people with diabilities to tell their own stories through the production of 5 short films, with the final aim to create awareness amongst Ugandans on the condition of people with disabilities and eventually to promote behavioral change.

Result :

The process was much enjoyed by the actors and script writers with disability, and the final result was distributed in local language in the Arua district, and in english across Uganda and internationally.