Concept :

Mix of interviews, graphics and camp footage and Hope TV content made at the camp to present the camp from start to finish. Child narration.

Synopsis :

When a group of artists came to Hope North, nobody knew what to expect, except for the directors of the camp who have been applying this model for over ten years. For five days, students experienced profound change and were empowered and inspired by the new skills they were able to acquire.

InMovement / PYE youth art camp
@ Hope North

Year: 2012
Country: Uganda
Length: 26’29’’
Language: English
Screening Format: HD
Aspect ratio: 16:9

youth empowerment, art camp, capacity building video

Purpose :

To present the Creative Community Model developed by PYE, through a film that illustrates all steps of an art camp.

Result :

A 25min film that includes every aspect of an art camp, from design to implementation, that is used both as a tool for general communication, as well as a tool to build capacity amongst partner organizations and facilitators.

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