Concept :

Follow two Ugandan primary school children from morning to night, to illustrate the importance of external factors in primary school education.

Synopsis :

Follow the life of two primary school students in Uganda, from the morning rise to bed time, and see that life of young Ugandan school children can be hard at times, but often fun and pleasant… The film concludes with vital statistics and findings by UWEZO.

One Day of My School Life (UWEZO)

Country: Uganda
Length: 19’28’’
Language: English, Lango (English subtitles)
Screening Format: HD
Aspect ratio: 16:9

primary school education, portrait

Purpose :

To highlight UWEZO’s findings and research through a film that documents the life of primary school children in Uganda.

Result :

The film has successfully touched hearts of many, and serve as a powerful tool for policy design, lobby and sensitization.