Concept :

Portrait style documentary of a traditional doctor of the Busoga community. Emphasis on herbal healing.

Synopsis :

People are lined up in front of a small mud house that carries a particular aura. It’s the house of George Taliire, a traditional healer who gets his knowledge about the healing power of nature in a dream state where he communicate with his elders. He takes us on a tour of his incredible garden, and even shares with us some of his secrets….

George Taliire: The Herbalist

Year: 2011
Country: Uganda
Length: 10’
Language: Lusoga (English subtitles)
Screening Format: HD
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Intangible Culture List, traditional medicine

Purpose :

To present the Busoga Traditional Medicine culture in order to enlist it on UNESCO’s intangible culture list.

Result :

The proposal was succesfully submitted to UNESCO by the Ugandan Ministry of Culture