Concept :

Portrait style documentary that tells the story of Tony, a student at the RND nursery school, from impact to statement of additional needs. The general mood of the film is positive and inspiring.

Synopsis :

Tony was abandoned by his mother as a baby and left to be raised by his grandmother in the slums of Masese. But as he wakes up in the morning his mood is joyful, he puts on his yellow uniform and heads to San Francis nursery school, a project started by RND to help single mothers send their children to school.

Tony Goes to San Francis

Year: 2011
Country: Uganda
Length: 13’10’’
Language: English
Screening Format: HD
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Education, IDP livelihood improvement program, primary education

Purpose :

Donor reporting, fundraising and general communication.

Result :

After a selection at the Milano International Film Festival, Tony became famous amogst RND backers, the film generated over 20,000$ in funds and now the nursery has 3 primary classes and a medical center!